The International Conference on Ubiquitous Networking
26-28 June 2024 // Marrakesh, Morocco

Ubiquitous Connectivity for Global Sustainable Communications

The 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Networking

UNet'24 will be held in conjuction with IEEE 6G Summit Marrakesh 2024

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About UNet

UNet is an international scientific event that highlights new trends and findings in hot topics related to ubiquitous computing/networking. This new edition will be held on June 26-28, 2024, in the imperial city of Marrakesh, morocco.

Ubiquitous networks sustain the development of numerous paradigms/technologies such as distributed ambient intelligence, Internet of Things, Tactile Internet, Internet of Skills, context-awareness, cloud computing, wearable devices, and future mobile networking (e.g., B5G and 6G). Various domains are then impacted by such a system, one cite security and monitoring, energy efficiency and environment protection, e-health, precision agriculture, intelligent transportation, home-care (e.g., for elderly and disabled people), etc. Communication in such a system has to cope with many constraints (e.g., limited capacity resources, energy depletion, strong fluctuations of traffic, Real-time constraint, dynamic network topology, radio link breakage, interferences, etc.) and has to meet the new application requirements. Ubiquitous systems bring many promising paradigms aiming to deliver significantly higher capacity to meet the huge growth of mobile data traffic and to accommodate efficiently dense and ultra-dense systems. A crucial challenge is that ubiquitous networks should be engineered to better support existing and emerging applications including broadband multimedia, machine-to-machine applications, Internet of things, sensors and RFID technologies. Many of these systems require stringent Quality of Service including better latency, reliability, higher spectral and energy efficiency, but also some Quality of Experience and Quality of Context constraints.

UNet conference series is a forum that brings together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss recent developments in pervasive and ubiquitous networks. This conference series provides a venue to exchange ideas, discuss solutions, debate on identified challenges and share experiences among researchers and professionals. UNet aims also to promote adoption of new methodologies and to provide the participants with advanced and innovative tools able to catch the fundamental dynamics of the underlying complex interactions (e.g., game theory, Mechanism Design theory, Learning theory, SDR platforms, etc.). Papers describing original research on both theoretical and practical aspects of pervasive computing and future mobile computing (e.g., 5G, 6G, AI-driven communications, IoT, TI, etc.) are invited for submission to UNet 2024.



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